Charron Ungar Avi Urban President


So, what’s the big deal with supporting local? By frequenting a locally owned and operated shop or business, you're investing in your community and building relationships. Making that local connection is an awesome way to build your community and a great way to meet your neighbours and others living in and around your new home.

From the local coffee shop to the community yoga studio, local businesses are a major factor in deciding on which community to purchase in. We feel the same way when deciding which communities to build our developments in. We also think it's our duty to not only tell you about the cool shops that surround your new home, but introduce you to them as well.

Every month on our blogFacebook page and newsletter, the Avi Urban Insider, we highlight local businesses operating in the communities in which we build. Plus, while the construction team is hard a work building your new home, our sales team is out and about breaking the ice with many of the businesses on your behalf. When you move in, you're provided with a welcome package which is packed with tons of valuable coupons, specials and offers from the businesses surrounding your new home. These welcome packages help you get to know the shops, restaurants and services in your area.

Supporting local is a great way give back and invest in the community you live.