Charron Ungar Avi Urban President

I found a condo with quality and price that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It was a no-brainer

Lung W

President’s Message

When we created Avi Urban in 2000, our vision was always to bring modern aesthetic and innovative design to the forefront, while combining the knowledge and commitment to quality inherent in every Homes by Avi home. We knew that people looking for a townhome or apartment were interested not only in affordability, but smart, contemporary design that defines the way they want to live. At Avi Urban, we started with this premise, and that goal has never changed.

Having built homes for hundreds of Avi Urban homeowners, and currently building homes for hundreds more, we continually strive to create amazing and highly thoughtful multi-family developments. Our team of professionals consistently works to set the bar high and build the most innovative, functional and beautiful townhomes and apartments in our marketplace. One home at a time.

Essentially, we work hard to make an Avi Urban home a place you are proud to live in.

Thank you for considering Avi Urban as your home builder.

Charron Ungar – President, Avi Urban